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Safety Measures and Precautions 

Unless otherwise instructed by health or government officials, services and events will continue as scheduled.


Click here to read the most recent guidance from The City of Philadelphia. 


Click here to read PA Governor Wolf's guidance around which businesses and organizations may remain open as of April 1, 2020. See a list of our most frequently asked questions here.

Our doors remain open to serve our community and congregation, many of whom have suffered great loss during this time, and are in need of certain resources, including, but not limited to food, prayer, and counseling. As we engage in these efforts, it is vital that we remain wise and vigilant. James 2:14-17 advises us that faith without works is dead.


We have taken certain precautions in our building, and will continue to uphold best practice safety procedures, including frequent sanitization and social distancing. Upon entering our building and sanctuary please note the following:

  • All persons entering the building will have their temperature taken. Those with temperatures above 100.4 degrees will be asked to go home and/or reach out to their doctor.

  • All persons entering the building must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose.

  • All congregants will be asked to sanitize upon entry, by using hand sanitizer or by washing their hands. 

  • Available pews for seating have been reduced. Each available row/pew is limited to 4 persons maximum (must be seated 6 feet apart)

  • Families may be seated together alone on a single row/pew

  • "X" markers have been provided to guide congregants in order to keep the recommended distance, along with the assistance of ushers.

  • If you believe that you have been exposed to COVID-19, or have been infected with COVID-19, please let us know that we might pray with you, but please do not attend services or events. Follow your doctor's orders. 

  • We ask that you conduct yourself as you would during any cold and flu season; washing your hands frequently and maintaining social distance from others if you are ill.


Live streaming services on social media platforms has been our normal practice before the COVID-19 crisis, and we will continue in that practice. TFIWC information and updates will be shared via, social media platforms, and phone calls for those of whom we are aware do not either have internet access or who do not regularly engage in digital communication. 

If you know of anyone challenged with feeding their family, please call our office at 215-324-7376 or email


Philadelphia residents may also acquire free meals at the locations provided on this list provided by the City of Philadelphia.

Students in Philadelphia needing meals may do so at these locations listed here.

The church is not unfamiliar with challenges like these. It is during these times that the church is needed the most. The house of worship is one of hope. We remain steadfast in the hope of Jesus and steadfast in the practical work needed to support our community and each other.

The One who has called us is faithful. We depend upon the immeasurable peace He provides and will occupy until He comes; meeting in the house of the Lord, worshipping Him, praying, giving biblical exposition, inspiring, encouraging our neighbor, serving others, and remaining practical in how we care for one another.

We are committed to assembling ourselves together on every Lord’s Day. Blessings to you and we will see you in church!

Pastor J Brown and Pastor Sandra Brown

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