Triumphant Faith
International Worship Center



Sanctuary Address:

401 E. Tabor Road

Philadelphia, PA 19120

Mailing Address:

5316 Rising Sun Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19120

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Welcome to
Triumphant Faith 
International Worship Center
“Now thanks be to God which always causes us to triumph in Christ...”  

[2 Corinthians 2:14]


Pastor Sandra Brown and Pastor J Brown

Senior Pastors and Founders


Welcome to Triumphant Faith International Worship Center!

We are a family-oriented house of worship, centered in Christ, bible believing and focused on the building of balanced believers in the hope and love of Jesus Christ. We firmly believe that ministry is about people and that excellence in Christ ought to be our focus. We invite you to fellowship with us! Whether Sunday Worship, Wednesday Bible Study, Thursday Prayer or any other time we invite you to come, learn, grow and be encouraged in Christ. Let's pray together, help one another, help others and grow the body of Christ. 

Triumphant Faith Produces Triumphant Living!

Upcoming Events


Sunday Morning Worship 

10:30 am

401 E. Tabor Rd, Phila, PA


TamarSpeaks: Mental Health First Aide Training and Certification

Session filled to capacity

401 E. Tabor Rd, Phila, PA


Food Distribution

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

401 E. Tabor Rd, Phila, PA



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